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  • Gerd Kortemeyer
  • Ryan Chu
  • Zach Sherin
  • Ebae Kim
  • Sonny Sidhu
  • Abe Stein
  • Philip Tan
  • Product Owner
  • Programmer
  • Q.A.and Programmer
  • Artist and Designer
  • Producer and Designer
  • Audio Designer
  • Staff Liaison

The game is free to download and play on the Official MIT Game Lab Site.
Utilizes physics engine
must be walking
Must be human
No space-
ships or
Useable as
a teaching
within 8 weeks



Game Players
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We immediately encountered a problem after our first play test, a short card game. Most people were either intimidated or turned off by the prospect of playing a game about science and, in two extreme cases, refused to play.

Game Design

Based on feedback, the proceeding digital prototypes stripped away the old aesthetics in favor of a more whimsical style. The gameplay was then streamlined, requiring little previous knowledge of physics to engage. The objective of the game also became deceptively easy to further focus the player’s attention to the changes happening around them due to relativity.

Art Direction

In addition to the gameplay, the art direction was also completely refocused. The themes changed from "science" and "relativity" to "whimsy" and "magic". The idea was to invite players to experience the effects, and then educate them once they started asking questions.

3D Assets

User Interface

Final Product

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