Ebae Kim

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The Masked Fables

The Masked Fables is a fairytale adventure that follows Ari, an enthusiastic traveler who can make herself invisible, and Hadley, a roaming spirit in search of his body. The pair traverse a world filled with fairy tales and fables, but what starts off as a journey of discovery soon takes a turn as their paths cross with curious characters, throwing them into fantastical adventures, and unwittingly unraveling the dark secrets scattered throughout the land.

Format: Comic / Webtoon
Status: Ongoing (20-30 Page Chapters, Updated Weekly)
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Buddies of the United States

Buddies of the United States or "BOTUS" is a pilot for animated show following the adventures of the United States's two greatest buddies, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, after the presidency. Personal contribution includes storyboarding, environment layout, and character asset creation. Developed at Cinesaurus.

Format: Animated Short
Status: Complete

Damsel in Distress

A short stand-alone comic created independently.

Format: Comic
Status: Complete

Deloitte University

A series of motiongraphics videos that incorporated augmented reality tours. Designed trigger images and video assets, as well as create storyboards to communicate the final product to stakeholders, live-action director, and animator.

Format: Motiongraphics Video
Status: Complete